Midori City Travel Guide

Midori City Travel Guide

Recommended Routes

  1. Iwajuku Museum/Iwajuku Site

    Iwajuku Museum/Iwajuku Site

    Time Required:60 minutes

    The Iwajuku Site proves that the "Paleolithic era" existed in Japan as well. At the Iwajuku Museum located next to the site, you can see documents regarding the Paleolithic era, also known as the "Iwajuku era", which has been collected from across Japan. The life-size skeletal replica of a mammoth is truly spectacular.

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  2. 5 minutes on foot

  3. Bronze Statue of Kageyoshi Okanobori

    Bronze Statue of Kageyoshi Okanobori

    Time Required:10 minutes

    An official in the Edo era, who promoted productivity improvement and transport efficiency of copper. He was charged with a crime by the government and committed hara-kiri (a ritual suicide), however the Kasakake Irrigation System established by Kageyoshi was rebuilt in the Meiji era, driven by the strong desire of the people, and was renamed "Okanobori Irrigation Water System".

  4. 30 minutes on foot

  5. Mt. Shikada

    Mt. Shikada

    Time Required:60 minutes

    Mt. Shikada is dressed with beautiful colors with various flowers blooming around Shimizu-shinnuma pond, such as canola flowers, peonies and golden cosmos. The 3-kilometer long wood chip footpath is perfect for hiking in the woods.

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