Midori City Travel Guide

Midori City Travel Guide

Recommended Routes

  1. Nagame Theater

    Nagame Theater

    Time Required:60 minutes

    A full-fledged theater built in 1937 equipped with a revolving stage and a runway. It is still used today for Rakugo and Kabuki performances. Visitors are free to explore the theater including the stage, backstage room and the trap cellar under the stage on days that do not have performances.

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  2. 5 minutes on foot

  3. Omama Shinmei-gu Shrine

    Omama Shinmei-gu Shrine

    Time Required:10 minutes

    A shrine established in 1599 as the tutelary shrine of the town of Omama. The town was established when they split the area by an imaginary line consisting of Omama Shinmei-gu Shrine and the guidepost, naming each area Kami-sancho and Shimo-sancho. Therefore, the shrine has a strong connection with the origin of the town. 5-minute walking distance to Takatsudokyo gorge.

  4. 10 minutes on foot

  5. Conodont Museum

    Conodont Museum

    Time Required:40 minutes

    It was constructed by restoring the former building of the Omama Bank in 1988. It is a Western-style architecture with a "Taisho Roman" atmosphere and a modern construction featuring brick-style tiles. Various documents regarding the Omama region are on display within the building, introducing the history of the area.

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